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Who we are?


- previously known as IPOH EMERGENCY MEDICINE SOCIETY (IEMS) or "PERTUBUHAN PERUBATAN KECEMASAN KRITIKAL IPOH" is a non-profit organisation which was developed in the year 2015. 

What we do?

The Ipoh Emergency Critical Care Society (IECCS) has indeed established a significant presence in the field of emergency critical care and emergency medicine education in Malaysia and beyond. Their commitment to organizing various courses and collaborating with other organizations demonstrates their dedication to enhancing medical knowledge and skills for healthcare professionals. Some of the notable courses and activities organized by IECCS include:

  1. National Emergency Critical Care Symposium (NECCS)

  2. Basic Mechanical Ventilation Course (BMVC)

  3. Non-Invasive Ventilation Workshop

  4. Basic Mechanical Ventilation Course for Paramedic (BMVP)

  5. Difficult Airway Management in Emergency Medicine Training Workshop

  6. Therapeutic Bronchoscopy Course in Emergency Department

  7. Hemodynamic Monitoring in Emergency Department Course

  8. Emergency Basic Surgical and Orthopaedic Skills Workshop

  9. Resuscitative Tranesophageal Echocardiography

IECCS's collaboration with other organizations in organizing conferences and symposiums related to emergency medicine and critical care indicates their commitment to creating a broader platform for sharing knowledge and expertise in the field. By expanding their reach to other countries like Indonesia, they are contributing to the international exchange of medical knowledge.

It's clear that IECCS is making significant efforts to promote medical education and improve the quality of care provided to critically ill patients. Their dedication to organizing these courses and collaborating with other medical organizations is commendable and will likely contribute to the advancement of emergency medicine and critical care in the region.

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